Sustainable Building & LEED

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the construction standard for environmentally friendly building. It is still very new territory to most of the industry. The Grant Company, however, has built two of the first five LEED projects in the state of Oregon. The second job, Sokol Blosser Barrel Aging Cellar, was the 37th LEED project in the entire nation, and the first winery in the world to receive a LEED 2.0 Silver Level Certification.

We know that there are other groups evolving in the US which are headed in the same direction, but the most established green construction movement in this area is the LEED organization. Like all new ideas, there are rough spots, but the concept is of great importance to all, so we are committed to lending our support to anyone interested in this progressive movement, or simply building sustainably. The focus is on sustainable product use, which we can be challenging to locate and often require and understanding and sensitivity to the goals in mind.

There are many levels of green building that can be incorporated into a building’s design, such as high efficiency HVAC systems and electric fixtures, low-emitting materials, water efficiency methods, stormwater management and more. Many of these options don’t cost much more than typical construction, some with tax incentives, pay for themselves over time and they make sense. An owner who isn’t interested in full LEED certification can still incorporate many of the concepts easily. The Grant Company can assist with any level of green building desired.

We are prepared to provide the managerial staff necessary to fulfill the requirements and verification processes expected by the LEED program, or we can customize an acceptable set of goals and specifications with the architect and customer which will practically apply the intent of LEED to the project at considerable savings. The primary difference in results is in whether the owner desires the growing prestige of the LEED awards and recognition, or if the intent is more a personal fulfillment to this movement.