About Our Company

The Grant Company is a well-respected design-build commercial contractor primarily serving the Willamette Valley and Portland area. We serve a long list of clients and business in the private sector with experience and integrity. Our office staff of project managers and business accountants all operate integrated estimating and accounting software for highly professional management results.

The quality of our projects is enhanced by our gentlemen crew’s considerable experience and caring attitude. Our union affiliation and sincere relationships with our crews enable us to keep our primary group of five quality superintendents and 15 key crew members with us for reliable and consistent production. The union also empowers us to service a customer’s large project by providing us with a ready source of quality trained labor. We are a self-executing company doing most of our own work, not subcontracting and double-marking up carpentry works that contractors should be doing themselves.

Safety is of great importance to the Grant Company. Our crews have been through numerous certified safety classes and a strict safety program is maintained and monitored by our worker’s compensation carrier, thus keeping our labor costs down and our crew injury free. We are fully bonded and insured through Anchor Insurance in Portland.

Design-Build Partnerships

We believe that design-build partnerships are the best option for both the customer and the contractor. About 85% of the work we do is negotiated. The contractor does not have to build in additional expenses for taking the risk of a hard bid. The customer, by not having to pay for that risk, gets more for their dollar.

We have developed a process we work through on each negotiated project. After the design is initially laid out, we put together a detailed estimate and review it with the customer. We encourage them to come up with both a wish list and a list of items that could be omitted or added at a future date (but planned for, so additions are easy). Often we are able to suggest an alternative method of construction that is more cost effective. This is called Value Engineering. We also ask our subcontractors to make note of any potential savings.

There are several areas where we find we can save money during construction. Primarily it is through the use of our own crews for most of the work. Although we accept bids for most major areas of work, we find that our crews are as efficient as subcontractors in most cases and available to maintain schedules. By using our crews we can eliminate the subcontractors’ markup. We buy our building materials from several hundred suppliers that are paid promptly to maintain preferred pricing.

Typically, we request bids from proven subcontractors that we have established relationships with. We often ask subcontractors to split out their bids (i.e. site works subs to list out excavation, septic, and utility work) and may end up using a combination of subs for these areas. A unique quality we offer is that after all of the project’s costs and features are approved, we provide a detailed copy to the owner to record exactly what we included. This is a virtual spec to the job, including quantities, to eliminate any misunderstandings.

Through this process, we can meet our customer’s building needs and work according to their budget. It truly is the best of both worlds for both contractor and customer. Best of all, we all operate with a team approach, in a non-adversarial environment which makes a headache project become a pleasant and trusting experience.

The Impact of Technology

Our office utilizes industry leader Sage 300 CRE Estimating and Accounting software. With our estimating software we can develop highly detailed and accurate spreadsheets, which show line-by-line every phase of the construction planned, for our customers’ review. Changes to the estimate can be made quickly and easily. The software has a database of over 40,000 items and our historical production rates and current material prices.

The estimates are then transferred into our accounting software, where we then accumulate all the costs in the same detailed format as the estimate. The job’s foreman and project manager review weekly reports for accuracy. Any questions can be quickly resolved.

The Bottom Line…
Our goal is to earn your trust

We have built a company which reflects the management’s philosophy of honesty and professionalism in everything we do. Over the years we have gathered together proven, high quality men and women of exceptional integrity who accommodate our customers’ needs and work hard to refine your project. You will love working with our gentlemen crews, and we look forward to gaining your friendship.